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Song and Improvisation 

Oud, frame drums, Nay and Kanun are main instruments of the Arabic music culture. Together with Arabic singing, the whole spectrum of Arabic music is covered at the Oriental Summer Academy in Sulzburg. The aim of this project is to offer the students the possibility to discover Arabic culture, especially the music culture. Eight well experienced teachers, most of them from Arabic countries, are teaching more than just single instruments. Arabic music theory and ensemble work is included to open up more this interesting culture, which is coming more close to Europe.

Join the Oriental Summer Academy in Sulzburg, Germany!

The Organisation of Orient & Okzident e.V. will be happy to welcome you.


Next International Workshop in the Oriental Sommer Academy

from 01-04.08.2019  Sulzburg, Germany 

For more info visit the Website of Oriental Summer Academy.

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