Fityan Band Concert

12.11.2018 at 08:00 p.m. | National Theater-Mannheim The Arabic bamboo flute Nay has a humble exterior while bearing a surprisingly large variety of sounds. Mohamad Fityan's Nay purrs, whispers, screams, stutters and sings, telling stories of Orient and Occident. He performs with virtuosity, changing from time to time to romantic, soulful melodies. The electrical guitar grounds the music by building an antipole to the flute - with or without the help of electrical effects. This pairing is complemented by the wood sound of the double bass joining with the drums to form the foundation for excellent composing. However, the musicians also purposely leave room for Fityan's music to happen in the

Ugarit Trio concert

03:00 p.m. | Gemiende Plattenburg The Ugarit Trio represents the old Syrian music. With their own compositions they create a unique sound between the traditional and the contemporary, combining the high music culture of Syria and the region. The three top class musicians studied together at the Higher Institute of Music in Damascus and have already toured the world as representatives of their country. Listen here Line-up: Mohamad Fityan – Nay&Kawala. Mevan Younes – Buzuq Nabil Hilaneh – Oud George Saade – Arabic percussion (Guest) ​

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